Beauty Tips for Harmattan

The harmattan is a season in the west African subcontinent which occurs between the end of November and the middle of march. It is characterised by the dry and dusty north eastern trade wind which blows from the Sahara desert over west africa into the gulf of Guinea. The name is related to the word haramata in TWI language. The temperature is cold in most places but also hot in certain places depending on local circumstances. [ Except from wikipedia]

The harmattan season is gradually setting in and very soon the numerous adverse effects of this (dry, dusty and very low humidity) weathers will start showing on our bodies. To get/maintain a glowing skin this season, we have to ensure a body regiment that works wonders.


Moisturising keeps the skin supple, helps retain it elasticity and nourishes it from the inside out.
Use mild moisturising soap and also apply a lucious spread of moisturising cream focusing on hands, feet and face.
The harmattan weather dries up the skin as often as possible so the use of a deep moisuturer (which isn’t greasy) cannot be over emphasised.


Make use of lukewarm water and avoid moisture loss. Avoid hot showers and overstaying in the bathtub during the harmattan season, this would strip the skin of its natural oil causing dryness.
Do not towel dry the skin completely, leave the skin a damp the apply body cream. This helps to maintain body oil and keeps the skin moist for harmattan.


Know your skin type. Be sure to get skin type appropriate, cleansers, soap and shampoo.
Most products have a very high ph which could strip the skin of natural oil which could make skin dryness/outbreak worse.

Stay away from alcohol or astringent containing facial cleansers and tonars with 5.5ph neutral and be sure to moisturise the face after cleansing.


The weather during harmattan might not seen hot but UV light effects are still as strong and as damaging therefore the continious use of sunscream during this season cannot be over emphasised.


Invest in a jar of natural butters and oil such as shea butter, cocoa butter or coconut oil, non clogging oils like avocado, primrose and almond oil.
This also helps to lock in moisture and prevents the skin from cracking.
Lotions and creams have less oil and might have little effect on the skin this season.
Make sure to focus on your hands and feet because they have a thinner skin layer than other body parts.
Get better result by wearing hand gloves at night after application.


Errrh! When having a conversation the bulk of attention is on the lips ( well except for guys staring at your bodies… lol). Back to the point, the lips are very sensitive of the face and pink, secculent well moisturised smooth lips are seductive and considered beautiful.
The lips lack oil glands and the ability to retain moisture which makes it extremely dry and rough therefore lip care should be your priority this harmattan.
Increase your intake of water to hydrate your body, skin and of cause lips, then application of balms.
Use lips balm with sun protection properties and vitamin E to moisture the lips from very dry severe condition. Cheat and if your lips are cracked already dip black tea bags in boiling water and when it is lukewarm press it over your lips it will increase moisture levels.

So we have it…… Stay Stunning and be Sparkly!!!



by Veejay Udofia

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