Silent night,back laid to the hard floor beside the old mattress which grandmother laid. Grandma was weak and tired, she could barely hear in addition to her blindness yet on that floor I was hungry and tired.

Mr Paul the next door neighbor daily accessed the room when it was dark, this started when I was a child till I became a teenager. He touched me and played with my bodyme in places I didnt like or approve of to his satisfaction. That silent night, he came in again but this time he came with two friends of his.

They took me to the back of a broken fence, I was so scared. They went in turns and made away with my body like I was nothing, I cried and screamed. I could hear mama calling out…… I became numb. After it all, i was left on the cold floor, bare, battered and hurt.

Instantly I swore against men, in my tears… I ran far away.

I was sick worried about Mama, crying and stinking, cold and hungry, shaking. I heard a sound. It was from the uncompleted building close by. A young girl, beautiful, tall and fair. Her name was Lucy. She approached me in a hurry, She picked me up and cuddled me. For some reason I was not scared.

I told her everything, no holds barred. She took me back to mama but it was too late, mama had fallen into shock and died. Anger and Pain was the order of the day, that was all I felt, that was all I could feel!

Lucy took me into her apartment and gave me wormth and shelter.

I was afraid of men, I was afraid of the night but Lucy heard what I had to say even when I had nothing to say. She sent me to school and gave me a new life that I never asked for.

But as I write…. Did i forget to mention that Lucy is newly married?

Yes she is. The pain I feel is beyond the words.

This fateful night I am sorry but I made a nice cup of tea because it was a cold silent night. I hated every bit of Lucy’s husband, I gave him the tea and I left. The next morning was the best morning for me…. you see… everyone woke up to his death and I don’t regret doing it but you might want to know why.
Darkness seems to be found once again. Will the world judge me? Am I insane?

Suicide is not an option for me because Lucy has given me her all and I can’t afford to disappoint her. Suicide! Hmmmm. Suicide is selfish for it only shifts the pain to another. My heart bleeds in fear .I call for help not your anger. I am scared.

I killed him because he is a man, I hate men but that’s not my only reason. I Am IN LOVE WITH LUCY!

Edited by  Veejay Udofia

Copyright Vellamartin.

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